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For our patients, from whom we have learnt, and from whom we have received, more than we have given.

                 Professor John Elefteriades, William W.L Glenn Professor of Surgery, Director Aortic Institute, Yale-New Haven University

Dr Laura Redman started the Vascular Centre after having super-specialised in Vascular Surgery and travelling to world renowned Vascular Units.

Vascular Surgery is growing in South Africa. Vascular Surgeons are General Surgeons who have done a subspecialty in Vascular. The Vascular Surgeons in South Africa take care of all vascular problems (arteries and veins) . However, in some first world countries, vascular surgeons have developed expertise in the different aspects of Vascular Surgery - Veins, Strokes, Diabetic Foot, Aortic Work and Peripheral (limb) vascular disease.

Vascular ultrasound is a rather scarce skill in South Africa with eligible professionals including Clinical Technologists who have specialised in Vascular Scanning as well as Sonographers, Radiologists and Vascular Surgeons.

Dr Redman completed the Wessex Scientific Vascular Ultrasound Course in Manchester. She also learnt various aspects of scanning from Professor Labropoulos in New York.

Dr Redman is still in contact with many of these Professors who guide her on career pathways, patient management and research undertaking. Dr Redman aims to bring first world protocols from First Class Units, practices and research elements she learnt abroad back to South Africa.

Dr Redman visited units specialising in each of these aspects in Europe, the UK and the USA, all under Professors respected worldwide for their expertise:


Manchester, United Kingdom (2013)
Wessex Scientific Vascular Ultrasound Course.
Yale University, New-haven, USA (2012)
The Aortic Institute. Professor John Elefteriades.
Stony Brook University, Long Island, New York, USA (2012)
The Vein Clinic. Professor Nicos Labropoulos.
Nuremberg, Germany (2012)
Complex Endovascular Aortic Surgery. Professor Eric Verhoeven.
Bern, Switzerland (2012)
Endovascular intervention in the Diabetic. Professor Iris Baumgartner.
Lecister, United Kingdom (2012)
Carotid Unit. Professor Ross Naylor.
London, United Kingdom (2012)
Complex endovascular cases and arterio-venous malformations. Professor George Hamilton.


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