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Dr. Laura Redman

Dr. Laura Redman MBChB, MMed, FCS (SA) Cert. Vasc Surgery

Dr. Laura Redman is a qualified doctor, General Surgeon and Vascular Surgeon. She has also trained in Vascular Ultrasound having completed a Vascular Ultrasound Course in the United Kingdom. Dr. Redman has completed a Master's Degree in Medicine. 

Gcina "Khaya" Seleteng

Gcina "Khaya" Seleteng

is a qualified Vascular Technologist.

He completed a National Diploma in Clinical Technology at the Durban University of Technology and subsequently specialised in the Vascular Laboratory.  

Natasja Du Buisson

Natasja Du Buisson is the Practice Manager for the Vascular Centre.

She started working in the medical administrative industry from 2005.

Daniela Rau

Daniela Rau

is an Administrative Assistant. Daniela has been involved in the Vascular Centre since September 2014 doing administrative work.

Sister Paddy Regnart

Sister Paddy Regnart

is a qualified Nursing Sister. She specialised in Advanced Paediatrics, Nursing Administration and Community Health. She was previously a Matron at Red Cross Children’s Hospital.  


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