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  1. Complications are very few and most post-operative symptoms are temporary.  
  2. The dressings often become blood-stained. There is absolutely no concern for this.  This is normal as the veins have been disrupted and may ooze.  The compression dressing will sort this out.  If there is a significant amount of bleeding or the dressings becoming soaked, then call the emergency number that you will be provided with.  
  3. You may have some bruising as the veins have been disrupted.  Bruising is very common and should not alarm you.  It will resolve in no time.  
  4. There may be some swelling.  
  5. There may also be some redness or inflammation.  
  6. Some residual numbness may occur if a nerve was injected with anaesthetic.  This is usually temporary.  You may have an allergy to the anaesthetic.  This is uncommon and treated on its merits.


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