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As with any procedure, there is a risk of complications.  These are very uncommon following the RFA Procedure and if they do occur, they are usually temporary.

The following complications have been reported: 

  • Deep Vein Thrombosis - This is probably the most significant complication and requires active treatment, should it occur.
  • Bruising along the inner-thigh
  • Numbness / pain along the inner thigh
  • Heat injury along the inner thigh
  • Pigmentation along the inner thigh
  • Thrombophlebitis (inflammation or redness of the vein)
  • The dressings often become blood-stained (especially if you have had ambulatory phlebotomies done as well) - This is not a cause for concern.  The compression dressing will fix this.  However, if there is a significant amount of bleeding or the dressings become soaked, then call the emergency number which will be provided to you.


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  Cape Town Switchboard:  021 201 1119