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Mechano-Chemical Ablation (Clarivein)

Mechanochemical ablation is another endovenous technique used to treat damaged veins. This is a thin catheter that spins inside the vein irritating the inner lining of the vein wall and it sprays a sclerosant.

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Is it painful?

The only painful part is getting access to the vein, which is like having a drip. You may be aware of the catheter in the vein (especially if the vein is near the skin), however, it has been described as a ‘buzzing’ sensation.

Are there complications?

As with all endovenous procedures, Clarivein is generally safe, however there is a small risk of deep vein thrombosis. The procedure, as with radiofrequency ablation, is done under ultrasound guidance and measurements are performed in order to prevent proximity to the deep veins. You will always undergo a scan within the next week to assess the deep veins. The sclerosant that is used to seal the vein may cause some pigmentation along the vein. This will resolve in most people (only permanent in 1%) over a few months.

As with radiofrequency ablation

  • does not require hospital admission
  • does not require a general anaesthetic
  • does not require surgical incisions to address the vein
  • allows the patient to go home the same day
  • allows the patient to return to normal activities the same day


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