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Our Centre

The Vascular Centre (VC) aims to be a Centre of Excellence in terms of Venous and Lymphatic Surgery.

Vein or Venous Surgery is part of both General and Vascular Surgery. It is a growing area of surgical and endovenous intervention worldwide with exponential research development and large Vein Centres growing abroad.

The VC aims to follow the trends of the big Vein and Lymphatic Centres. Dr Laura Redman has been building up the Practice, the Team and the International Network (Read More) in order to achieve this in South Africa.

Dr Laura Redman studied General Surgery and Vascular Surgery.

She spent time in different centres worldwide (View Profile), one of them being a Vein Clinic in New York in 2012. Thereafter she completed a course on vascular ultrasound in Manchester in 2013.
She then opened the Vascular Centre in Cape Town based on her skill and following the protocols of the world renown Professor Nicos Labropoloulos and his Vein Centre in New York. Prof Labropoulos (View Profile) and other big Vein leaders such as Dr Antonios Gasparis (View Profile), also an author in venous work of the major vascular textbooks , became advisories for Dr Laura. Both Professors visited her centre when they came for the World Vascular Congress in South Africa in 2014, and saw patients in the clinic.

The Vein Clinic was one of the first to open in South Africa.
Dr Laura grew a close knit team including Sr Paddy and Khaya Seleteng. Based on international protocols and local experience, they developed their own set protocols for Venous work, always aiming to improve quality of life and outcomes. One of the goals is to ensure patients are given time and heard and their outcome is aligned to the problem they came to seek help with.

Dr Laura continued to grow the Vein Centre and keep up to date with international protocols. She attended an international Venous Conference in New York in April 2017 as well as a Venous Summit in Barcelona in May 2017. These in addition to the usual vascular congresses to keep the clinic up to date.
The VC is one of the centres that does the most outpatient superficial vein procedures in the country.

Worldwide, Deep vein surgery and endovenous intervention has been growing – this involving treatment of deep vein thrombosis, large vein reconstruction and stenting, along with other deep vein surgery. Treatment of post thrombotic legs and wounds has also advanced.
A large percentage of women with pelvic congestion (pelvic pain) have been seen to have ovarian vein problems causing the pain.
Patients with troublesome leg swelling also may have deep veins issues which were previously not identified nor treated. Investigating such patients and managing them surgically has exponentially advanced recently internationally and Dr Redman has been on a series of visits to the world leaders in Vein Surgeries to bring these protocols back to South Africa.

Dr Laura visited Professor Steve Black’s (View Profile) unit at Guys and St Thomas in the UK and he has been advising her on growing Deep Vein work. Dr Black sits on international panels and is also world renown for his contribution to vein work.

Another leader in Vein Surgery and known internationally in the Vascular network is Professor Nils Kucher (View Profile) in Zurich. Dr Redman recently attended a vein stenting course in his unit. Professor Kucher is also one of her advisories.

Investigation in terms of intravascular ultrasound and other forms of imaging have advanced as well. Christiaan Barnard Hospital has opened a modern Hybrid Theatre for Vascular surgery (View Theatre) and are in the process of installing IntraVascular Ultrasound (IVUS) (Read More)

Dr Laura has attended an Intravascular Ultrasound Course for Venous Disease in Italy in 2018. This is specifically related to Vein Discorders. Dr Laura attended the American College of Phlebology conference in Nashville, USA in 2018.

Dr Redman is on the Society for the Lymphatic Society of South Africa and has helped them grow and the VC have a Lymphoedema therapist who now works within the centre. (View Kate's Profile).

Dr Laura is also part of the Cape Advanced Wound Care Association and on the Editorial Board of Wound Care for South Africa.

With respect to other vascular disease, Dr Laura’s major area of interest is Prevention and the VC has developed a program – The Healthy Heart Assessment – which combines current cardiovascular risk scoring systems to assess ones risk for future heart attack and stroke. (Read More)
In addition, Dr Laura also has an interest in Thoracic Outlet Syndrome and completed her Masters of Medicine in this subject. She operates with a cardiothoracic surgeon, Dr David Harris who has also built up a large Thoracic Outlet Syndrome practice.

Lastly, the VC aims to grow in research in both vascular and lymphatic disease and Dr Redman is very involved in this research.

Future growth:

The VC has opened the South African Iron Clinic (Read More) which is a branch of the Harley Street Iron Clinic in the UK. The Iron Clinic was founded by Professor Toby Richards, an internationally known Professor of Vascular Surgery who has extensively researched iron.