Could You Have Arterial Disease?

Questionnaire - Arterial

Are you at risk for cardiovascular disease?

  • Are you a smoker?
  • Do / Could you have high cholesterol or an abnormal lipid profile?
  • Do / Could you have diabetes?
  • Do / Could you have high blood pressure?
  • Are you overweight?
  • Do you do minimal or no exercise?
  • Have you had any previous vascular event – stroke, heart attack, aneurysm etc
  • Have you had any previous vascular surgery:
    -  Bypass or other operation in the heart, legs, neck or abdomen?
    -  Stents placed in the heart, legs, abdomen or neck?
  • Do you have a family history of cardiovascular disease.
  • Are you above the age of 50 with any one of the above risk factors including smoking or diabetes?
  • Are you over 70 years of age?

Has the condition of your legs changed?

  • Is the skin thin, shiny and fragile?
  • Does the hair on your toes, feet or even the calves grow poorly?
  • Are your toenails are cracked and lifted?
  • Are your foot or leg pulses are different on each side (or absent)?

Do you have leg pain or other symptoms?

  • Pain when you walk? This pain is usually relieved when you stop walking.
  • Pain at night?
  • Pain when the leg is elevated? This may be relieved when you sit, or hang your leg over the bed.
  • Wounds or ulcers that take long to heal?
  • Evidence of gangrene (black, insensate tissue)?

If you can identify with any of the above symptoms, conditions and risk factors, you are likely to have some degree of Arterial Cardiovascular Disease. Cardiovascular disease is the biggest medical killer in the world. It is often not managed holistically or individually. Much of the ‘fine-print’ of this disease is not revealed.