Dr Laura Redman

Dr Laura Redman

MBChB, MMed, FCS (SA) Cert. Vasc Surgery

Dr Laura Redman is a qualified General Surgeon and Vascular Surgeon. She has also trained in Vascular Ultrasound having completed a Vascular Ultrasound Course in the United Kingdom. Dr Redman has completed a Master's Degree in Medicine.

Dr Redman is academically accredited, having published in local and international journals, co-edited an American Journal issue of Progress in Cardiovascular Disease on aneurysms and presented internationally in both France and Switzerland. She has won academic prizes – locally for a vascular dissertation and internationally for Best Scientific Paper.

Dr Redman aims to bring first world protocols to South Africa through the Vascular Centre.

She is also involved in research related to vascular disease with a strong passion to make a difference to the masses of people affected by cardiovascular disease.

After, this Dr Redman decided to focus her practice on a specialised unit of Veins, Lymphoedema and wounds. Over the past few years, she has started to develop her expertise in in this area and become a part of the growing worldwide community of Veins and Lymphatics.

She visited the Vein Clinic of the world renown Professor Labropoulos in New York and developed an outpatient based vein clinic based on their protocols.

She went on to develop a Deep Vein clinic referring to deep vein thrombosis and its complications an pelvic congestion syndrome. In order to gain this expertise, she spent time in International Venous Surgeons units who have Centres of Excellence. This includes Dr Stephen Black’s (Capital B) unit at Guys and St Thomas in the UK and Professor Nils Kucher in Zurich

Dr Redman completed the Wessex Scientific Vascular Ultrasound Course in Manchester. She encouraged Christiaan Barnard Hospital to install an integrated Intravascular Ultrasound System in the hybrid theatre. In 2018 Dr Redman completed a training course in Italy on this Intravascular Ultrasound for Venous Disease.

She attended the Venous Symposium in New York in 2017.

She attended the 2018 American College of Phlebology congress with the latest research on Venous disease, lymphatic disease and wounds.

Dr Redman aims to have a Centre of Excellence with regards to this aspect of vascular surgery.

She is part of the Cape Advanced Wound Care Association and on the editorial board for the Wound Healing South African Journal and she is an on the board of the Lymphoedema Association of South Africa.

Dr Redman has started a holistic MultiDisciplinary Team approach to limb problem called Limb4Life. (Limb4Life).

She has a great interest in vascular disease and will continue with research and development of cardiovascular prevention programmes. (Healthy Heart Assessment).

Timeline of events after completing Vascular Surgery Subspeciality

Nashville, USA 2018
American College of Phlebology
Lake Garda, Italy 2018
IntraVascular Ultrasound Course in Venous Disease
Zurich, Switzerland 2018
Venous stenting course. Prof. Nils Kucher
Germany 2018
LINC Vascular conference
London, UK 2017
Venous stenting course. Dr Steve Black’s unit.
New York 2017
Venous Symposium
Barcelona, 2016
CIRSE vascular Conference
Barcelona, 2015
Venous Summit
South Africa 2014
World Federation of Vascular Surgeons. Presented on Thoracic Outlet Syndrome
Manchester, United Kingdom (2013)
Wessex Scientific Vascular Ultrasound Course.
Yale University, New-haven, USA (2012)
The Aortic Institute. Professor John Elefteriades.
Stony Brook University, Long Island, New York, USA (2012)
The Vein Clinic. Professor Nicos Labropoulos.
Nuremberg, Germany (2012)
Complex Endovascular Aortic Surgery. Professor Eric Verhoeven.
Bern, Switzerland (2012)
Endovascular intervention in the Diabetic. Professor Iris Baumgartner.
Lecister, United Kingdom (2012)
Carotid Unit. Professor Ross Naylor.
London, United Kingdom (2012)
Complex endovascular cases and arterio-venous malformations. Professor George Hamilton.