Email Consultants

Email Consults now available

  • Do you live far away?
  • Is the consult waiting time too long?
  • Are working hour times and traffic preventing you from fixing your veins or leg problems?

You can now start the process by doing an email consult with Dr Redman

What will it involve?

  • Fill in a form then scan and email it.
  • You may send photos of your legs or veins
  • Send proof of payment

Your email will be sent to Dr Redman and a written consult returned to you with a plan on what you will need to do next.

Please note: These consults are for elective patients and the return consultation will attempted to be done with 3 working days, but may take up to 10 days depending on volumes.

No emergency consultations will be done this way.

For more information or to get your forms:

Call 021 201 1119 or email for more information.

Request Email Consultation