Healthy Heart Assessments

Healthy Heart Assessments

130 heart attacks happen in South Africa each day
240 strokes happen in South Africa each day

These happen suddenly. Don’t be taken by surprise!

Cardiovascular disease is known as the ‘silent killer’ as it is present for many years and suddenly, without warning, gives one a heart attack, a stroke or it kills a person.

What is the Healthy Heart Assessment (HHA)

The Healthy Heart Assessment is a programme created to make one aware of what their current heart age is, what their risk of heart attack and stroke is and where the areas are that can be altered to improve this risk.
In addition, it checks one is up to date with cancer screening of cancers that can be detected early.

What Does it Entail?

The HHA uses all the current non-invasive Cardiovascular scoring systems. There is no programme that currently combines all these scoring systems. The neck arteries are scanned with special software to assess the thickness of the inner lining of the arteries. These are then plotted against a graph according to age, gender and race and a risk stratification done. Pressures are taken in the arms and legs and ratio’s tabulated, the abdomen is scanned for vessel size.
One’s current heart age be can be worked out and compared to one’s actual age.

Bloods are done prior to the appointment and these are plotted on graphs and broken down explaining exactly what a lipid profile means and how it relates to one’s diet - there is much misunderstanding related to cholesterol, cardiology risks and banting and this explains it all.

A stress test sent to a psychologist is performed.

Other parameters and questionnaires are filled for the complete assessment.

A booklet is created and explained to the patient.

No medical examination is done, no medication is prescribed.

The aim is to make one SELF AWARE of risk and implement medical and lifestyle changes to alter this risk.
For medical parameters that are suboptimal, one is advised to take the report back to their GP (Dr Hayat). The report has what your goals (such as Blood Pressure levels) should be and these can be optimised.

If cancer screening is not up to date, advice on when to do it and whom to see is also undertaken.

If weight is an issue, advice on lifestyle changes and referral to specific dieticians and nutritionists who are like minded in our holistic approach are suggested.

Why do I need to know my risk?

It always seems a sudden and scary event when a person has a heart attack. However, when one actually evaluates all the risks, it is clear that the risks have been there all the time and just escalating for years.
Cardiovascular disease is known as “The Silent Killer”, for exactly that reason.

What is different about this?

This is an intense assessment and the design is unique. There is nowhere else that will combine all the risk profiling done in the assessment.
Additionally, and importantly, it is individual and suited to you.
After evaluating your cardiovascular risk from all angles, using up to date technology, the Vascular Centre will then give you your own comprehensive, personalised report.
Additional information and advice on lifestyle management will also be provided according to your results.

Why do this?

You can see inside your own blood vessels and be aware of your own current health risks.
You can then make guided individual lifestyle changes to reduce these risks and keep monitoring your cardiovascular risk profile.
It is you choosing to Optimise your health for life! There is no better way to manage your health, than you taking control.
We offer the assessment for corporates as well.