Our Staff

Dr Laura Redman

MBChB, MMed, FCS (SA) Cert. Vascular Surgery

Dr Laura Redman is a qualified General Surgeon and Vascular Surgeon. She has also trained in Vascular Ultrasound having completed a Vascular Ultrasound Course in the United Kingdom. Dr Redman has completed a Master's Degree in Medicine.

Gcina "Khaya" Seleteng

Gcina "Khaya" Seleteng is a qualified Vascular Technologist.

He completed a National Diploma in Clinical Technology at the Durban University of Technology and subsequently specialised in the Vascular Laboratory.

Kate Brinckmann

Lymphoedema Therapist and Physiotherapist

Kate is a vital part of the Vascular Centre and shares in the Vascular Centre’s ethos for treating patients holistically, and with a team approach. Kate is loved by all our patients and really makes a difference to their quality of life and healing process.

Sister Paddy Regnart

Sister Paddy Regnart is a qualified Nursing Sister. She specialised in Advanced Paediatrics, Nursing Administration and Community Health. She was previously a Matron at Red Cross Children’s Hospital.

Dr Gavin Wyndham Jones


Dr Jones is the friendly and very capable anaesthetist you will meet should you come in for a procedure in the hospital. He will prepare you for surgery and take you gently through your operation.

Gadija Kippie


Gadija studied at Varsity college, and with an accounting passion, subsequently went into medical accounts which she has grown to love immensely. Throughout her years in this profession, she has opened her own independent contracting company.

Tracy Joubert

Administrative Assistant

Tracy is an Administrative Assistant and manages all administration at the Vascular centre.