Mrs Rosalie Burger

Good morning to all at the Vascular Centre, I would like to thank each one for their wonderful care and kindness that I experienced at the Centre. The best I have ever experienced in the medical field.

Juana Consul

As it should be

Friday 17 February 2017, was the best day of my life!  The procedure/s carried out so professionally and painlessly to my legs left me in awe.  I can still hear the  words “you have come to the right place”, I did not know what to expect but then the procedures were all over accompanied by any discomfort .  This relief comes after years of agony, handfuls of very strong painkillers, swollen legs, discoloured feet, back ache, hip ache, you name it “it ached”! By Monday 20 February 2017, I was bored from, legs up for 48 hours with minimal walk-abouts (on instruction).  After my follow up visit I floated back to work and my life, as it should be, not as it has been for so long!  I wake everyday thinking “hindsight is a wonderful thing, why did I not have this procedure done sooner?”.  The reason is because no-one had ever mentioned Dr Laura Redman’s name or the Vascular Centre or the choice of venous treatments to me. I thank you all from the bottom of my “Clarivein/s” and now painless legs. Kind regards, Juana Consul


Very Special

Dear Rachel, Paddy, Natasha and Khaya   Thank you for a most enlightening and happy hour this morning which allowed me to leave your rooms elated! You have a very special, comforting space – relaxing too. Best wishes to Laura too.   Warm wishes Di

Joe Zambiasi

What joy and what relief

Dear Laura, I thought it best to send you an e mail rather than wait to speak to you telephonically, as I know just how very busy you always are.  I have visited your website and oh my goodness, Laura, you are undoubtly the star “ woender kindt” in the world of vascular surgery.  It is phenomenal to see how deeply involved you are in so many wonderful matters and exploits. It always seems that whenever I communicate with you I am either thanking you or commending you on some matter or the other.  This time my e mail is to share with you the latest news regarding the “ Infamous Joe Zambiasi left leg” Dear Laura, when I left a telephone message for you on Monday, it was because I wanted you to be amongst the first to know that the Woundnet Specialists who as you know have been carrying out the extensive bandaging and medical treatment for this very, very long time, on Monday 6thMarch 2017 took photographs and endorsed them “HEALED”. What joy and what relief for all of us to have eventually reached this wonderful moment.  They furthermore wrote out formally “DISCHARGED” As always Laura, my gratitude and thanks go out to you once again for the integral part you played in this whole lengthly saga.  Your professional advice and insightful input were very much a valuable component.  Everything you did, specially your care in the early stages of my ulceration and the amazing added experience of your colleague from Stoneybrooke University in New York as well as your prescribing the vitamins etc will never be forgotten.  As important as anything has also been your “ presence” knowing that you were there if I needed you personally.  I do not want to overdo the comments that I am making but your empathy and interest and that Sunday afternoon visit when I was in the Constantiaberg are etched in my memory forever. My kindest Regards and best wishes to you for a wonderful life and a wonderful future.

Jacqui Goodwin

Thanks Paddy

Thanks Paddy. Super well and super happy thanks! Not a moment of trouble or pain In fact, I’ve referred a lady from Bodytec to Laura. She was asking where I had it done and how it went. I couldn’t have had more good stuff to say

Maria Small

Thank you from grateful me

Dearest Paddy, Thank you so very much for your kindness and assistance with Yesterday’s procedure. Dr Redman, her technical assistant, and you, were most professional, most caring and brilliant in keeping me calm, and performing the procedure successfully. I was truly impressed and touched by the kindness and care.  

Liesel Shelley

Thank you, thank you!

Just a quick, sincere note for Dr Redman, if you don’t mind passing on the message: All the ulcers have healed!!!!!!!  Yippppppeeeeeeeee! I just want to thank you for everything you have done for me, I cannot describe to you in words how grateful I am!  That a simple thing such as taking a bath/shower without having to worry about dressings or a plastic packet on my foot!  -  it just makes me extremely happy and it’s all because of your tenacity in dealing with my stubborn a$$! J and healing me in many more ways than you could imagine.  Thank you, thank you! That’s me – thanks for everything from your side as well Natasja.  Truly wonderful to walk into a practice that puts patients first.  Thank you.

Christine Black

Thank you

My legs are healing nicely I am so glad that I went ahead with the procedure and still no more ‘sciatica’ pain. I just want to thank you all very much for your professional approach from meeting bubbly friendly Julie at the front desk, Kaya who is calm and collected while doing his work and how the two of you make a good team, also Paddy who felt like a mom it proves that a gentle touch really does help. You all work like one big happy family. Thank you  

Caroline Sturgeon

Thank you all for taking such special care of me

Dear Laura, Julie, Paddy and Khaya, I wanted to write and express my appreciation for the service I received last week during my vascular procedure. It is not often that I encounter a team with so much emotional intelligence; who go about their work in a calm, professional, friendly and caring way. The whole practice has an aura that exudes serenity and made my experience incredibly pleasant, despite my initial trepidation. Sister Paddy - you are an angel and this is surely what you were meant to do. Julie - you made me feel so relaxed and could open a coffee shop with that wonderful cappuccino. Khaya - informative and kind. Laura - you have a wonderful team and it is my belief that great teams are developed by great leaders. Thank you all for taking such special care of me xx  

Jean Keys

A dream came true for me during March 2015

A dream came true for me during March 2015. A dream I would love to share with you. So let me lead you through this journey by taking you a few steps back… The valves in my legs had been damaged due to an operation that I have had 40 years ago. I woke up every day of my life with terribly swollen, uncomfortable legs and feet and it got progressively worse during the course of each day. Poor circulation in my legs not only caused my skin to become dry, but left me feeling (and looking) like an escapee from the dinosaur aeon, despite the use of resplendent and expensive creams that was plastered all over my legs in an attempt to overcome the body’s resistance to restore itself. Of course, like every good citizen, I attended gym religiously every morning, since I have always been a very active person. However, somewhere between my brain and my body and my weighty legs, the energy link was broken and I became rather lethargic, almost to the point of giving up on my good intentions. One day, still pondering over this poor situation, I went to my local shopping centre. And there I spotted it! Yes, yes, the magazine has always been there, but it’s amazing how things sometimes just pop up in front of our eyes with such an inviting vigour that one cannot resist to investigate! I paged through the magazine and then came across this advert that was immediately imprinted in my memory for ever. It was from the Vascular Centre and it simply read “we can help you”. With great excitement, I promptly phoned the Centre and would you know, there was a cancellation! I dashed off to the Vascular Centre like a child on his way to the Christmas tree because I knew instinctively that my date with destiny was about to be fulfilled through the gift that was awaiting me. What a wonderful surprise I got when Father Christmas turned out to be the most beautiful doctor and her assistant, handing out hope! She instantly put me at ease and made me feel so important. Suddenly I was not just number 99 in the queue. I felt like number one, receiving the greatest gift I could wish for - hope to heal the heaviness in my heart and, of course, in my legs! Even more overwhelming was the fact that I was previously told by a specialist that there was nothing they could do for me and here I was, staring into the eyes of someone who was certain that she could help me. At that moment the Vascular Centre felt like the centre of my universe! I was amazed by the most modern technology used by the Vascular Centre to assess the damage. After a thorough examination and explanation of the procedures, Dr Redman then proceeded to inject foam into the damaged veins with such a calming confidence that I was pretty convinced that everything was going to be ok. And it was ok. Now, seven months later, I am valiantly wearing dresses again! My legs are looking 110 times better, feeling lightweight and kicking butt to the lethargy that I have felt before this procedure. This has been the most amazing gift any one could ever have given me. Even though I still need to go for Lymph drainage treatment, I can most certainly testify that the procedure was a huge success. I highly recommend the Vascular Centre and particularly because of the doctor that heads it up. She is highly efficient and one of those that still care. Because of her, I can once again endeavour to dare and do my jolly jump at the gym! March 2015

Mrs CM Oosthuizen

The most wonderful experience...

I can testify that I underwent a procedure at the Vascular Centre and had the most wonderful experience during that and follow up procedures. I am still in the process of further treatments and can recommend the Centre to anyone that consider veins treatments. Mrs CM Oosthuizen

M S Samuels

I should have done it sooner!

The vascular centre staff were very professional and thorough in their approach which meant I was kept well informed and assured every step of the way. Doctor Redman uses the latest technology in her diagnosis coupled with her skills and experience.  The results of my procedure changed my well-being and I should have done it sooner! Regards, Mogamat Sedick Samuels Oct 2015

Shahiema Hendricks

Very satisfied patient - five star treatment

I find Dr Laura Redman's Vascular Clinic to be one of the most professional surgery's I have been to. She came highly recommended by another vascular surgeon. The reception was very welcoming. I had two procedures done on two different occasions and must say never was I treated with such compassion. The procedures went off well and I’m recovering at a speedy pace. Not forgetting on the second procedure my transport home could not make it to pick me up and Dr Redman's assistant transported me home. I would recommend anyone to Dr Redman because in what era last has a doctor transported a patient home?