Wound Care and Compression

Wound Care and Compression

Compression stockings are a non-surgical treatment option of venous disease. These stockings are classed according to the amount of pressure they deliver to the leg. These stockings are graded, that is, the pressure at the ankle is greater than the pressure at the knee.

To determine the correct class of pressure for each patient, an assessment needs to be carried out to categorise the symptoms. Compression stockings help the symptoms of venous disease for the time they are worn. Once they are off they are not treating the symptoms. Surgery has shown superiority over compression in uncomplicated varicose veins with better symptom relief, improved quality of life and in cost-effectiveness. Surgery is also advantageous in ulcer recurrence prevention.

Compression, however, has a larger role in venous disease – pre- and post-operatively.

It is important to know which class of stocking is best for your type of veins and it is very important that you are measured correctly and understand the concept behind compression.

Wounds caused by vein disease are very common ( Leg Wounds (Ulceration) ), and need to be investigated and treated appropriately. In fact, vein disease is the commonest cause of leg wounds. Surgical intervention has shown to accelerate ulcer healing and reduce the rate of recurrence and should be performed if indicated on a scan.

Everyone with a leg wound should have a vascular assessment.

Compression, does however, still play a vital role and needs to form part of the wound care (such as layered compression) or in addition to wound care dressings.

What makes a wound heal:

  • Good Oxygen supply from adequate blood perfusion
  • Reduced inflammation (from treating incompetent veins)
  • Nutritional optimisation
  • No infection

At the Vascular Centre, we will evaluate wounds and ensure that not just the wound is being treated but the underlying cause as well in order to prevent recurrent wounds.

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